Family portraits shot on analog film

Feb 5, 2015

How often do you browse through your photoalbum of your childhood? When I open mine, which I do quite often these days, I just love how the pictures turn out, they look so "different", unreached by digital, almost iconic. Sometimes they are out of focus, sometimes they have weird color shiftings, cause there was only this only one chance to catch it. But every time I open my album they remind me much more on what's shown on the pictures than any digital data can do - it's like "smelling" your memories . Throwback to the 1980ies instantly...for me analog pictures are the perfect way to hold these moments.

The idea to make and to have pictures shot on film in 2015 makes my heart smile. Here are some analog film favorites of my sisters's family portrait shoot we did together in Croatia this summer.

Shot on Fuji400H, Mamiya 645, developed and scanned by Carmencita Film Lab

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