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Apr 28, 2014

Some weeks ago I met my sister at her home to put our heads together what still needs to be organized for our upcoming wedding in May. Hm at this point, I really need to say I think after this "party" and changing sides from photographer to being a bride, I can understand my couples even better as it is quite a challenge to bring everything in sync. After a while we decided to leave the hustle and bustle of our mental wedding cinema and getting out for some family portraits together with my 2 little niece Anika and Pia - although it almost got dark on this cloudy day we jumped into the car and drove to my favorite spot at the river nearby to shoot my first 2 rolls of film after quite some years. As we moved to our new flat 4 years ago I have no space to install a dark room, so my black and white chemistry is resting in peace at the backside of my wardrobe together with my enlarger and some analog cameras. Time to activate things again but outsource the dark room, especially when it comes to colour development and ask some real experts in their field like the guys of Carmencita Film Lab to handle the magic chemistry. "Because life is not made out of "1's and 0's"" -  I am totally fond of this sentence I read on their website, saying a lot, not only about photography.

And here are my little thoughts on shooting analog:
When I hear my photographer colleagues talking about analog photography, all the technical bonus of contrast range, the unique look and feel but also about the feeling to trust yourself again, the excitement when you are waiting for your film being developed and scanned or even develop and scan for yourself - it made me curious about the process again. With your digital camera in hands and the possibility to control every single setting immediately, you can adapt quickly if something seems to be wrong, it is a huge benefit. When I dipped my toe into photography the digital area has already been in full swing, so I don't believe that film can turn back time. I fear our field is way too fast-paced and technology driven, sadly. But I also don't think that it's important to choose a side. I for myself experienced shooting analog brings back the anticipation, it brings back the fun and also the mystique of this beautiful medium called photography, I will constantly learn and most of all it slows things down when everything tends to go faster and faster. I will now for sure shoot more analog as it is a truly rewarding process.

Mamiya 645 // Fuji400H // pushed 1 stop
developed and scanned by Carmencita Film Lab

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