Printed memories

Feb 11, 2014

I always appreciate if couples attach importance to print their wedding pictures - I also wrote about this topic here. Although it may sound unimportant in first place, I truly think there's nothing better to keep your images and memories alive than to hold them in hands. However this printed piece of memory looks like. It need not be an album or book, it can also be a bunch of loose pictures kept in a little box up in your closet or under your bed. And even if it is just for yourself and no one to show, sometime you may be glad to have them. Michaela and Martin decided for an album, they chose an autumnally brownish color for the front and I think this perfectly fitted their wedding in mid of September.

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  1. Ich liebe Herbsthochzeiten, ich denke wenn ich mal heirate werde ich auch für den Herbst planen, dann wenn sich die Bäume langsam verfärben und das reife Obst geerntet werden kann, super schön - Julia


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