Margit and Fridolin's Wedding at Trabrennbahn Freudenau

Dec 18, 2013

When I met Margit and Fridolin to talk about their wedding day and which expectations they have I felt like this could be a perfect match. They told me that it has been challenging finding a venue that fits their needs. Margit said "we want to play live music and we want our friends and family to feel safe with their kids running around in the garden and everyone having a good time and dancing until the morning". And it has been as expected, the Trabrennbahn Freudenau seemed to be the perfect place to celebrate a glittering party-  oh yes it's always the people that make a wedding so extraordinary special and this lovely crowd of people definitely knows how to party. I often felt like putting my camera away and jumping right onto the dance floor.

The two didn't want me to take portrait pictures first, because they were a bit skeptical about posed pictures. But after talking some time we agreed on having a tiny slot for taking some couple shots and I promised to do my best to make it as simple and natural as I can. I'am very glad we did it and I hope they are too. It's really difficult to find words for their wedding, because everything seemed to be tailored for them.

One highlight of the evening has been a little private wedding concert by Maximilian Hecker, one of their favorite singer/songwriters. Their best friends managed to fly him in from Berlin and perform some songs for them. I really liked their speech before the carpet fell "We tried to get you David Hasselhoff, but he could not come - but anyways "es kann nur einen geben". Maximilian Hecker plays btw live at the WUK Vienna tonight and on the 28th of December in Munich. Don't miss the chance!

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