Honeymoon destination needed?

Jun 21, 2013

For me travelling always means a reward to working and my daily life. Others buy cars - I spend my money on travel or photo equipment ;) So if time allows we are packing our things for little getaways.  A few weeks ago we've been some days in Sardinia and I really must say, it is indeed one of the last island adventures of Europe, only 2 hours flight away. The island should be quite crowded in summer, but in springtime Sardinia presents itself in lush green with very few people around.

It is difficult to pick some recommendations what to see on Sardinia, because there is simply to much to see - 3 weeks or more would be good to circle around the island, we decided to spend some days on the west coast. Sadly the mistral was blowing very strongly and temperatures were very chilly - so no beachtime fun for quite some days, but otherwise we would not have seen the cool places farther away from the coast. 

If you are some kind of nature lover or just escaping some bad weather on the coast, drive up to La Giara di Gesturi - on this 43 km2 high plateau there are living hundreds of wild horses (as locals tell, the last ones in Europe). After a 3 km walk through the abundantly covered macchia you reach some water basins, if you are lucky you can witness some of the horses there. I am no horse fan but it is quite impressive when you hear the horses neighing from far and then spot them in the distance. Whooo, and quite romantic too :)

Also worth a visit: Charming old town of Bosa,  honey-colored Alghero, the tropical appearing Sinis peninsula (Is Aruttas - white quartz sand beach) or rough Costa Verde

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