US and A - part I

Mar 19, 2013

This is crazy, when I was writing the last blogpost on 18th February, I really believed I would come back to Vienna after 23 days of sunshine and take the springtime temperatures with me over from California - but no more comments to the weather on this blogpost. I'am just glad we didn't fly via Frankfurt.

Recharging batteries I really had an amazing and relaxing time off during our visit to California, got so many impressions, but one after the other...

First of all I want to show you some pictures "von der sagenhaftesten aller Pisten" - Highway 395. Before we went I found an article at "DieZeit online" telling about wintertime in California and I am pretty sure, if you read this you definitely want to go. Hw395 is the perfect proof that California is much more than Baywatch, Hollywood, Disney Land or any other connotation you may first have with California.
Heading out from Las Vegas through Death Valley - by the way: where we surprisingly met Matthias, a photography colleague of mine in the middle of the desert (this world is so small) - we didn't know what to expect. Death Valley is not a very welcoming name for a place which is raw beauty, especially in winter when temperatures are cool and not as high as in summer (40 degrees Celsius).

We left cloudy and windy Death Valley to hit Hw395 heading north towards Bishop. Bishop is some kind of a mysterious place, maybe  it's different in summer when people are more active. Probably not watch any movies like "no country for old men" before you choose one of the lonely motels along the road. Must say, I really enjoyed the rather cheerless atmosphere in the Eastern Sierra, perfect contrast to the coast. I really think the area I loved most on the whole roadtrip has been between Owens Valley/Bishop, Mammoth Lakes, Mono Lake to Lake Tahoe - there is on the one hand the desert on the other snowy mountains, very few people around, just some sleepy towns with closed shops. You can just go hundrets of miles beside intact nature. I love it.

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