US and A - iphone special

Mar 25, 2013

I would have never believed that this happens to me, no leaving the house without my phone, so did we in California. And the best thing about this little helper is it's little camera, it takes great pictures when you don't want to carry all the heavy gear. Makes perfect sense to me.

Pictures showing:

1   Exploring Eastern Sierra Nevada
2   Cross Country Skiing at Mammoth Lakes
3   Motel romantic in Bishop
4   Snowy beach at Lake Tahoe
5   Lovely restaurant in top foodie destination San Francisco (here: Brenda's French Soul Food)
6   Spending some time in quaint Carmel-by-the-Sea
7   Los Angeles' "Naschmarkt" treats
8   Spending hours at Trader Joe's, I love this supermarket
9   Cruising the coast at Big Sur
10 Listening to so many inspiring people at WPPI 2013 in Las Vegas (here talking: Jose Villa)
11 Roof top terrace at Museum of Modern Art San Francisco
12 Watching the oscars in the appropriate time zone is more fun than in Austria

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