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Feb 18, 2013

Oh yes it's still winter outside, but I think we got the worst over, snowing and freezing temperatures remain but days are getting longer,  good news hm? Today I just have a little "what-to-do-on-long-winterdays-in-Vienna" for you, as I am escaping for some weeks by tomorrow.

• Found a little deli where breakfast is served all day long - very nice owners and mouthwatering greek specialities at "Rote RĂ¼be" - look out for the windowseat.

• Stay at home and do some baking - do you think there is something more relaxing on a Sunday than spending the afternoon on the couch, watching one's favorite movies and eating homemade cakes - I don't and found my new love. I always wished for this kitchen goddess, now I got it as a surprising birthday present.

• I am living in Vienna for over 6 years now and never tried out the ice skating in front of the Rathaus - always found this some kind of touristy, but it's simply great.

• Watch the winter sunset from the top of the Sofitel Hotel and order some bazil daiquiris - very refreshing ;) especially when turning thirty.

It will be a bit silent here for the next weeks - but promise when I am back I have lots to tell!

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