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Jan 23, 2013

Yes - I really thought a lot about blogging.  Will I have the time to keep up or will I run myself into burnout and dissatisfaction. I read a lot of blogs where bloggers feel pushed to publish in a regular pattern, after some time they start feeling empty und uncreative and they struggle with serious health problems and disorders. I definitely try to avoid any kind of these phenomena. So is blogging good for your health? I don't know yet, I just decided to give it a try, because I want to share what I do and try to open up a bit and I like the idea of keeping a digital notebook.  So I will do my best to post frequently to not bore you out, but the really most important thing for me is to stay well and keeping everything real.

What else to say, yes I am Vienna based, my frist language is German, but I decided to write this blog mostly in English because I want to be reachable for everyone. From time to time, probably depending on the topic I will switch to German, I hope you don't mind.

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