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Jan 28, 2013

Did I already mention that I love travelling -  even just one night away from your home feels like a full holiday to you? Maybe we are tarred with the same brush - I really like changing my environment for just a weekend. Sadly we don't find the time to do that as often as we wish, but if we get away we always go with one of those little guide books from Smart Travelling. I am a fan from the very first minute the two women launched their service - I even kept the Brandeins where I first heard about them. In the beginning they offered just a online version via subscription fee, by now their online content is free and they bring out little guidebooks which you can buy at your bookstore. I love their style, how everything is put together and of course the cool pictures. This guide really helped us out very often because you have so limited time in another city that you don't want to waste it with checking out what's special about the place.

So last year we had a little getaway with this guide to Tel Aviv. I heard an awful lot about this city and was very excited to check it out on my own. And to be honest, I was not disapointed. I don't know where to start from telling. Start your day with Shakshouka, wander around through Neve Tzedek or jump on a Sherut and drive around the city.  The Israelis are very open-minded and helpful, and obviously they loooove weddings, I've seen really many wedding couples especially at the seaside in the evening sun, where they sometimes shoot their wedding pictures simultaneously.

The only really unfamiliar thing for a middle european is the double and triple securitiy checking at the airport when you are leaving the country, plan 3-4 hours ahead to your flight. We visited TLV some months before the conflicts grew more acute in summer 2012. Between some frozen yoghurt and a matkot game at the beach one can just forget how tense the situation is, indeed they are on war.

One thing you should not miss (if you treat yourself with sweets from time to time): Dallal Bakery, I brought some little Nussstrudel home with me! Simply delicious. Here are some of my favorite pictures I took.

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