Growing a family ...

May 24, 2016

means jumping into a big adventure und for sure these are the most intense years of our lives!

Challenged - surprised - proud - overpowered - incredibly happy and thankful --- whatever it sometimes feels like, I am happy to document your family moments for you. Here are some pictures I took from my lovely friends Barbara and Josef and their growing family over the last 3 years.

to be continued ...

Honeymoon, where to go?

May 19, 2015

Are you a short-notice honeymooner? We've been very undecided about our honeymoon last year and fixed it only a few weeks before our wedding. First we thought about flying to Sri Lanka or Belize but soon realized, that early June is one of the loveliest months to drive around Europe. Half of the world is coming to Europe to spend their honeymoon here at this time of the year and we even don't need to cross oceans to see the sun, only the "Brenero". We thought about Italy, so we did what we love most, sit in the car and drive somewhere without planning a lot. Our 3-weeks roadtrip took us from Vienna to East Tyrol, marvellous South Tyrol (Eisacktal, Tiroler Unterland), Lake Garda region, Verona, Florenz and some lovely places in Tuscany like Pietrasanta and Luca.

We stayed quite a while in South Tyrol and did some "serious" hiking, went to waterfalls, ate tons of Knödel tris, Strauben and Schwarzplentener Ribel. We ate so much that we had fear our trouser buttons will burst. I truly elect South Tyrol to my loveliest travel destination ever. I just love it - here are a few pictures strolling around at Pragser Wildsee (one of the most beautiful lakes in the region) and enjoying la dolce vita further south.

Mamiya 645, Fuji400H, developed and scanned by Carmencita Film Lab

Family portraits shot on analog film

Feb 5, 2015

How often do you browse through your photoalbum of your childhood? When I open mine, which I do quite often these days, I just love how the pictures turn out, they look so "different", unreached by digital, almost iconic. Sometimes they are out of focus, sometimes they have weird color shiftings, cause there was only this only one chance to catch it. But every time I open my album they remind me much more on what's shown on the pictures than any digital data can do - it's like "smelling" your memories . Throwback to the 1980ies instantly...for me analog pictures are the perfect way to hold these moments.

The idea to make and to have pictures shot on film in 2015 makes my heart smile. Here are some analog film favorites of my sisters's family portrait shoot we did together in Croatia this summer.

Shot on Fuji400H, Mamiya 645, developed and scanned by Carmencita Film Lab

our own wedding

Oct 31, 2014

Ok, there aren't any good excuses for non-blogging for half a year, so I even don't try to make one- I haven't stopped working, I simply needed to order my priorities and to be honest, a lot of things changed in the last months and will change in the near future. But I will try to catch up blogging regularly again, and I make it a start today with the story of our own wedding, which took place at the end of May this year. Preparing your wedding is probably one of the most exciting things you do in your life, but also heaps of work, let's face it, especially when you have the illusion to do everything on your own. So besides experiencing one of the most beautiful days in your life, what are my behind-the-scenes experiences with a DIY wedding?

How often did I drive my sister crazy cause she felt we were running out of time and I reacted like a Buddha, cause I thought everything will be alright. My daily morning calls I got in the last weeks before the wedding from family and friends: 'Ehm, I am on my way to work now, did you already ordered a cake, can I help you with deko details, say if I can do something .. it's only 1 month to go, have you thought about a taxi service already... '
So my little advice for your wedding preparations and day: don't think you can do everything on your own, let your family and friends really help you (or hire a weddingplanner and lean back ;)) and second, take your time! I can't thank my family and friends enough for backing me up and supporting me. Don't think you still have enough time, it never can be early enough to start with preparations, even with the smallest things. The week before the wedding will be a challenge anyway, no matter how well you prepared. Good thing: everything will be in place, for sure, it always is, because the universe is pro wedding. And things you had in mind but did'nt realize because of lack of time? No one will ever recognize as fortunately there is no mind reader available on the market yet.

The most frequent question I got before my wedding: Who will photograph your wedding? It's not easy to choose as there are so many talented people out there. First of course we needed to love the work he/she does. But we didn't only make a decision because of the style of pictures but also because of personality and behavior and we felt totally comfortable with Thomas and Cornelia as they are super kind and calm and relaxed and I knew they would fit in perfectly. I loved that they were like silent observers, that's how I love to approach to weddings as well, so I thought we are kind of likeminded. Maybe unusual for wedding couples, we wanted to have less portrait pictures of ourselves, more pictures of us celebrating with family and friends because we think the beauty of a wedding day is that it is so unique, the place, the people, not reproducible another time. We just wanted to celebrate and don't wonder if our photographer got all the pictures he/she wants to get. OMG, did I just say that? That's against my wishes to the bride and groom when I am taking pictures of a wedding. But from my client's perspective I think it's simply true. So I learned loads about how couples may feel on their wedding day. I think Thomas and Cornelia did a brilliant job! But enough said for now, there are a million topics to address and talk about when it comes to wedding preparations. Maybe you are preparing for your own wedding right now? Would be a pleasure to discuss experiences with you.

Just follow your heart and simply choose what YOU want to do, it's your day and it will be fabulous anyway!

All our lovely professionists:

Bridal dress: Patricia Vincent
Shoes: Rachel Simpson 
Headpiece: Dolecka
Hair/make-up: Julia Hrdina
Groom's Suit: Peek and Cloppenburg
Bow tie: Marwood
Groom's Shoes and Belt: Koil
Bridesmaid's  dress: Paul and Joe Sister
Flowergirls' dresses and evening dress: self-designed and made by Karin Weingartner
Concept/Deko: DIY
Flowers: Barbara and Josef Starkl
Papergoods: Irene Grudl
Catering: Hannah's Plan
Cake: Christine from

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